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ClaimEdge Litigatio Management


All your lawsuit information at your fingertips in a secure, cloud-based digital workroom

For legal and claim professionals
to collaborate on the toughest claims.


We take the friction and uncertainty out of managing lawsuit claims to close cases faster, reduce legal fees and save claim managers’ time. Our modern digital platform enhances communication security, eliminates redundant data entry, and helps P&C companies grow their own data lakes for a future powered by AI.
Team Claims Claim Manager
Tired of wasting time looking for claim status or other information regarding your litigation?

It’s hard enough keeping up with email, claim notes, and saving documents for every lawsuit. But lots of time is also spent searching later for that same information, including budgets, discovery, depositions, experts, and settlement negotiations. Whether managing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of lawsuits, that makes staying on top of litigation progress to achieve optimal results even more challenging.

ClaimEdge® puts all that lawsuit information at your fingertips.

It helps your claim professionals proactively manage litigated claims via direct collaboration with defense counsel, all in one secure digital workspace. It combines artificial intelligence with legal subject matter expertise to enable an end-to-end litigated claim workflow and intelligence solution. ClaimEdge® simplifies getting the answers you need and the results that you want.

Insurance Claims Lawsuit Software
Our team of insurance leaders understands these problems from their own firsthand experiences. Together with our technology and product leaders, we created a solution that is optimized to resolve lawsuits faster, more efficiently and less expensively.
Specialty Litigation Calculators
Multi-party Settlement Calculator
Litigation Budget Calculator
Expert Witness Budget Calculator
Lawsuit Collaboration Software
Our litigation claims management solution for Property & Casualty Insurers simplifies the way they collaborate with and instruct defense counsel.

ClaimEdge® is a secure digital workroom for all case communications, reports, depositions, and managing/searching case documents. It saves time and reduces frustration by eliminating transferring information from emails into content management systems. It supports digital transformation strategies to build an accessible data lake to enable evidence-based AI guidance.


ClaimEdge® helps claim professionals resolve litigated claims faster, saving money and reducing risk, such as large jury verdicts.

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