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ClaimEdge is a litigation management productivity solution for the P&C insurance industry. Our product helps litigation managers resolve claims lawsuits faster and at lower cost.
Team Claims - Claim Manager


  • Improves the productivity of claims managers and defense counsel via a secure online collaboration platform
  • Provides a secure communication and document repository along with extensive search capability
  • Automatically captures legal work data and organizes in at-a-glance timeline
  • Eliminates manual document saving and email logjams, or saving users hundreds of hours per year 
ClaimEdge is a software solution designed specifically for claim professionals to simplify management of litigated claims. This is done via direct collaboration with defense counsel, all in one secure digital workspace. It automates the creation of a data warehouse of information developed and reported by defense attorneys handling litigated claims. Our solution combines artificial intelligence with the legal subject matter expertise of defense attorneys that enables both an end-to-end litigated claim workflow and an evidence-based intelligence solution.

Features & Benefits

Save Time with Intuitive Workflow
  • Frees claims professionals from saving emails and documents

  • Eliminates searching for trial dates, case reports, notes and depositions

  • Simplified collaboration in secure digital workspace

Essential Insight Tools
  • Dashboard views of cases, portfolio exposure, trends, and risks

  • One-click access to settlement demands, case reports, and trial dates

  • Visual timeline of all case events, milestones, deadlines in the life of a claim

Single Source for Claim Data
  • Credibility scoring of witnesses

  • Reptile scoring of plaintiff attorneys

  • Fraud, liability and damages tracking

  • Searchable repository of all litigation case data


ClaimEdge facilitates the digital transformation strategies of our insurance partners for their litigated claims. It automates the tasks of creating a data warehouse of litigated claims data, including legal analysis, without adding work to busy claims professionals. 


For claim professionals, it provides dashboards with portfolio-level views of exposure, trends, events, and risks, as well as fingertip access to the status and developments in each pending lawsuit. Easily view all important case events, milestones, documents, and deadlines in the life of a claim.


ClaimEdge is built with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to help claim professionals resolve lawsuits faster, more efficiently and less expensively.

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